Air Source Heat Pump – Installer; Dom “The Pipeinator” Nicholls

Dom Nicholls, our National pipe fitting runner up strikes again. They said it wouldn’t fit but yet again he showed his skills as a champion. There’s always next year Dom. For such a small renovation project it has required precise setting out to install the Mitsubishi Ecodan W85 air source heat pump with the new FTC 5 controller and 170L optimised cylinder.

A combination of Uponor under floor and radiators provides space heating with the FTC5 & MELCloud app allowing internet access to the system. Using the current Domestic RHI tariff the home owner will receive and estimated £4000 over the next 7 years.

Air Source Heat Pump - Ecodan W85 - Installer - Dom Nicholls - South West Energy Services - Devon

Mitsubishi Ecodan W140 Air Source Heat Pump by Jay Wilks

We are proud to show the standard of work completed by our apprentice Jay Wilks.

This is his first installation of a Mitsubishi Ecodan W140 Air Source Heat Pump and we can confidentiality say if this is the standard of workmanship then there is a long and prosperous career ahead in heat pumps.

Mitsubishi Ecodan W140 300L Air Source Heat Pump & Solar Thermal Installer - Devon

Hayle Marine Business Park – 2 x Clivet Ground Source Heat Pumps – Plant Room

After extensive redevelopment the new Hayle Marine Renewable Business Park is due to open in November 2015. This flagship Business Park uses the latest in ground source heat pump technology from Clivet. In partnership with Midas, T Clarke and SD Solutions we have provided a turnkey package from initial concept through to drilling of the geothermal boreholes and plant room installation.

Not only is the system optimised for part load conditions through cascade management of the heat pumps but also provide a revenue from the Non Domestic (Commercial) RHI.

I think the pictures speak for themselves when asking do we have the expertise to design and install commercial heat pump systems?!

Hayle Marine - 2 x Clivet - Ground Source Heat Pumps - Plant Room Installation

Thermia Diplomat 12 G2 (Before & After)

We pride ourselves on not only the quality of the pipe fitting but also the pipe lagging. We use Armaflex on all of our installations which gives the ultimate professional finish. You would normally only see this type of insulation on commercial installations due to the cost. We have one standard regardless of the size of installation.

Before – Polished Pipe Work                                                                                            After – Armaflex Pipe Insulation

Thermia Diplomat 12 G2 Ground Source Heat Pump with Buffer Tank (Before & After)

NHS Health Centre – Ground Source Heat Pump

The new NHS Centre on Portland Road, Brighton has been opened with the latest in Heat Pump technology providing heating and cooling. The DeLonghi\Climaventa BWR ground source heat pump with full BMS control has been designed and installed by South West Energy Services.

Our bespoke design stores rejected energy from the cooling cycle in 100m bore holes distributed from a sealed manifold chamber. This energy is then harvested during the heating season to increase performance and efficiency from the heat pump.

Using our expertise in turnkey packages we have also designed and installed the Uponor under floor system which provides heating and cooling using dew point sensors buried in the slab.

Health Centre - Commercial Ground Source Heat Pump - Heating & Cooling

National Pipe Fitting Championships

After competing with 82 entrants at the qualifying stages, the finals of the National Pipe Fitting Championships were held at Gloucester Rugby Club. This event tested the very fabric of the engineer’s practical skills,  speed, teamwork and of course quality.

“Second place is not a defeat. It is a stimulation to get better. It makes you even more determined.”

Carlos Lopes (Portuguese Marathon Runner Olympic-gold-1984, b.1947)

A big thank you goes out to the guys at Bristol Pipe Center, namely; Tim Fryer, Rob Young & Ken Griffiths