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Domestic RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) Update March 2016

At South West Energy Services, we provide constant updates of changes to industry funding and regulation. There have been some changes to the RHI for 2016. Below is a summary of the changes from Ofgem. 1. Green Deal Assessments Currently we require applicants to the domestic RHI to have a Green Deal Assessment (GDA). This […]

Are air source heat pumps noisy?

The simple answer is NO but what is noisy? Modern air source heat pumps are significantly quieter than units produced say 5 years ago. This is primarily due to advances in the development of fan technology and improved chassis design which reduces vibration. 99% of sound generated by an air source heat pump is the […]

Specification of Commercial Ground & Air source heat pumps

The unique thermal characteristics and demands of a commercial building often means a traditional approach of separate boiler and chiller is taken to meet the peak heating and cooling loads. Due to increasing operational and energy costs, renewable technologies are becoming more common in modern developments but very rarely used to their full capability. There is a […]

The importance of borehole design for ground source heat pumps

Here is some guidance on the importance of a professionally designed and installed borehole for a ground source heat pump. I have included some technical guidance from the Ground Source Heat Pump Association and MCS GSHP Design Document, regarding the sitting and installation of bore holes. This will hopefully provide you with a better understanding of […]

Are Solar Thermal Systems a good idea?

One of the most common questions we are asked; Is solar thermal a good addition to a ground or air source heat pump system? The simple answer in most cases is NO. Hot water accounts for 20% of the annual domestic fuel bill. Solar thermal will cover on average 70% of your annual hot water consumption, […]

Clivet Ground Source Heat Pump for Hayle Renewable Business Park

As a specialist in commercial ground source heat pumps we were asked to provide a turnkey package for the design and installation of a system capable of supplying heating and cooling to this flag ship renewable energy centre in Hayle, Cornwall. Using our expertise in designing heat pump systems that provide heating and cooling we are able […]