Commercial Ground & Air Source Heat Pumps

The unique thermal characteristics and demands of a commercial building often means a traditional approach of separate boiler and chiller is taken to meet the peak heating and cooling loads. Due to increasing operational and energy costs, renewable technologies are becoming more common in modern developments but very rarely used to their full capability. There is a growing demand to increase sustainable value to a development and utilise natural resources more efficiently. Ground and air source heat pumps can replace or integrate with new and existing applications to provide; heating, hot water and cooling, efficiently as possible while reducing carbon emissions.

Although heat pumps in general offer the highest return on investment and lower energy bills, the initial capital cost can discourage developers and end users from investing in the technology. This is not to say heat pumps are the only solution. A majority of commercial heating and cooling applications operate at part load conditions throughout the year. The integration of a heat pump with gaslpg or oil boilers can significantly reduce investment and operational costs while still meeting the design conditions.

Research carried out by construction consultants Sweett Group and BRE found that office developers typically invest up to 2% more when targeting higher BREEAM ratings, and recover that additional investment in two to five years through savings in their energy and water bills. The same research found that achieving lower BREEAM ratings can incur little or no additional cost.

There is a greater opportunity to specify recovery heat pumps which recover rejected energy from the cooling cycle to provide simultaneous heating and cooling with huge energy savings. This can be improved even further with a recovery ground source heat pump as rejected energy can be stored in the borehole array and harvested during the heating operation increasing the COP.

We offer a turnkey solution for all types of commercial heat pump systems from 5kW to 1MW.

We supply equipment as approved installation and service partners for; Dimplex, Thermia, Danfoss, Carrier, Clivet, CIAT and Climaveneta.