Heat recovery heat pumps

One of the most effective ways to operate any process of building where there is a seasonal demand for both heating and cooling is to balance these two systems. We at South West Energy, are realistic about the needs of buildings and processes to be cooled which is a carbon negative undertaking but see the use of effective energy storage or direct energy re-distribution as key to reducing the whole life impact of such systems.

In the use of deep borehole arrays we can significantly increase the annual effectiveness of both the heating and cooling systems by using the ground as a thermal battery. In the use of the Climavaneta Integra range we can directly redistribute the heat rejected form the cooling cycle to increase the efficiency of the heating system.

Such systems require careful planning and professional execution but we have both the tools and experience required to accurately predict the levels of performance achievable from this type of application.

Data Sheets

Climaveneta Integra Brochure 2014